Ad Management

We will: Write and design your adverts. Setup your Google advertising account on Google. Check the performance of your advertising with monthly campaign analytics and advice.

Domain Name Setup

This is your name and address on the Internet for your website: If you have one, we’ll set it up so it points to our servers. If you don’t have one, we’ll get you …

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Google and Facebook Ad Management Reporting

We’ll help you: Write and design your adverts for Google and Facebook. Setup your advertising account with Google and Facebook. Check the performance of your advertising with monthly campaign analytics and advice.

Google Business Profile

We’ll improve the effectiveness of your Google Business Profile Check your business description and details are correct. Check map position. Add your services/products. Add a frequently asked questions section. Show you how to add customer …

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Google Search Advertising

Your advert is only shown to people who are looking for what you provide. This type of advertising is very effective as the person has already decided to look for something, and when they do …

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Local SEO

We use Local SEO tactics to make sure your business is found when people search for your business name on Google.

One Campaign

One Campaign Includes: One Specific Goal/Outcome (bookings/enquiries). Research the target audience/customer. Text for the advert. Image and video creation (Facebook only). Split Testing (Continue to improve the advert) Analytics to measure performance. Identify new opportunities. …

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The reviews section is one you should display with pride. This section will be very effective in persuading potential customers to book your service or buy your product. Don’t have any? Don’t worry, we’ll show …

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two advertising campaigns

Two campaigns, one for Facebook and another for Google Search. This way, you get coverage on both platforms. Each Campaign Includes: One Specific Goal/Outcome per platform, i.e. (more enquiries). Research the target audience/customer on each …

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