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You can add more pages to your 1 Page Impact Website

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A 1-Page Impact website is an excellent start, but as your business grows, you might need to add more pages. Fortunately, your website can accommodate additional pages. Hire a WordPress designer or we can create the pages according to your specifications.

1-Page Impact websites are built on the WordPress platform, which holds 40% of the website builder market worldwide.1 That means you’ll never be stuck trying to find someone to help you with your WordPress website.


There’s a good reason WordPress holds such a commanding market share. In one word: flexibility.

  • Add pages.
  • Add functionality.
  • Customise just about everything.

Why would you need extra pages?

Google Search Advertising

Google rewards relevancy on their advertising platform. They want the searcher to click your advert and land on a page that is highly relevant to their search and your advert. The page the searcher lands on is referred to as the landing page.

Your Landing Page Should:

  • Be highly relevant to the searcher and your advert.
  • Make it clear what you offer.
  • Provide details of the offer.
  • Show social proof that you are a reliable, competent, and reputable business.
  • Have a compelling call to action button (e.g., Enquire Now, Book Now, Buy Now, Call Now).

Our Google Search Advertising Product includes the creation of your advertising campaign and a relevant landing page to go with it.

You can read more about our Google Search Advertising Product here.

Local SEO

Local SEO works better if you have multiple pages, one for each geographical area you’re targeting and one for each product or service you offer. This ensures each page is highly relevant to what the person searched for on Google.

If you have one page that’s trying to be everything, it won’t be highly relevant to anything. Relevancy is what a Google searcher is after. They’re not browsing; they’re searching for something specific.

Specialised Pages

If you have different categories of products or services, it’s a good idea to separate each service or product on a separate page. This gives you more room for each category to display all the details. As already discussed, this makes each page highly relevant to one service or product, which is beneficial for local SEO and paid search advertising.

Consider adding pages for:

  • Food Menus.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ).
  • Checklists and price lists.

Pages in WordPress are usually visible from the main navigation areas in the header and footer of your website.

There’s another way to add more content to your 1 Page Impact website, and it’s one you’re using right now: a blog. When you clicked on the posts link in the header or the footer of our website, it brought you to this post on our blog.

Click here to read more about adding a blog to your 1 Page Impact website.

Don’t have a 1-Page Impact website yet?

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